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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Not a post about quilting.

I found this tutorial a while back on the Birch Fabrics blog and thought to myself..."keep that! you'll make one someday". Well, that day came today!

I made myself a little fabric bin to hold all of my essential oils and book. Since oils shouldn't be kept in the sunlight, the window sill of the kitchen where they lived for a hot minute wasn't the best place for them but I didn't want to just put them in the cabinet to roll around.

Sorry for the lack in quantity of pictures. I got really excited and wanted to post about it immediately. The tutorial was very easy to follow - it probably took me just an hour or so including making my own pattern out of a cereal box and cutting out the pieces. The tutorial has 3 sizes and this is actually the smallest one. It was the only one my cereal box would fit so I gotta go find more pattern materials so I can make a bigger one for my fabric scraps!

Here it is full of all my EO stuff! Yay!

Thursday, February 26, 2015


We have been having wintry type weather for nearly two weeks now. I fully realize that there are folks in other parts of the country who have it WAY worse than us but I was getting a little tired of rescheduling things, having to work from home, hearing people complain...and yet, we didn't actually get any snow (or enough to really matter). 
Well, things have changed! 
It snowed!
Started snowing last night about 5:30pm and didn't slack off until around midnight. I am like a little kid so I was pretty much awake all that time checking out the window. I'm actually a little thankful that it stayed cold enough to stick around until this morning. 
We got out in it - while it was very actively snowing around 8:30 last night - and played some...even taking Gwen on a 3 block walk. She loved it...lots of snuffling and digging. 

We ended up with about 7 inches in the yard which is pretty much the most snow I've ever seen. We got about 6 inches two Christmases ago but this is pretty stellar.
My favorite back yard tree...lots of snow on the limbs. 
Just now - about 3 hours after this picture was taken - this tree is mostly free of snow. Its been falling off and melting all morning which is both beautiful and sad. 

This is i the back yard!

Our street this morning. I love that you can see all the way up to Lookout Mtn. in the background.  Thankfully there wasn't too much traffic needing to head out. Chad was supposed to be off today but went in anyway - nice guy that he is - which was a good thing. Most of 3rd shift didn't come so he was relieving folks from yesterday's 2nd shift who have been at work for 16 hours.

Nice snow hat on the mailbox. 

Won't be having a fire in the fire pit and lounging any time soon. 

And now it is blue skies and warming up! It'll all be gone by tomorrow I'd guess.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Be brave.

Not sure I will ever sell it - or ever sell anything to someone I don't already know - from my Etsy shop but I just posted my last quilt there!

I wanna be brave and see where crafting - something I love - might take me in a direction that someday could provide some extra income for us. So, someone needs to buy this quilt. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quilt #3.

I finished my third quilt! This one is a bit smaller than the first one I made but would be perfect for a baby quilt! It is a little masculine but I spiced it up with some red and yellow to mix it up some.  I really like it because it is the first quilt that I "designed" myself by drawing it out on graph paper and then figuring out the layout. 

Here is a closeup of the fabrics. A yellow hounds tooth, a small red floral, solid light blue, a really simple dark blue circle print, and the veggie print which I am absolutely crazy about. If I could find more of it, I would totally make a veggies skirt. 

 I sewed the blocks together and then quilted in a primary red so it would show up on the back really well. I quilted diagonal lines across in both directions and I am really glad I took the time to go both ways. 
The edges of the squares don't meet up perfectly all over - lots of quilting lessons continue to be learned around here - but overall it looks pretty good. I'm proud of it either way because I'm learning so much and finishing projects (a.k.a. burning through my fabric stash so I can buy more!). 

I hand made the binding out of a bright yellow multi dot fabric and I'll never go back to buying store bought bias tape ever again. If you make your own, you have ALL the choices in what it will look like. 
I love the binding color and print. I am not incredibly pleased with the way I sewed the binding on. I think that I probably twisted it a bit as I was holding it to hand sew the back so it looks like it twists all the way around. While it isn't intentional - and I will figure out how to not make THAT mistake again - it looks OK now that it has been washed and dried. 

I really like how the quilting turned out like diamonds on the back. 

If you know someone who is having a baby anytime soon, this would make a great quilt for them! I'd be willing to sell it if someone was interested. Otherwise, I'll just give it to the next baby that I know coming along...or keep it for myself and snuggle under it on the couch. 
Just some details:
cotton fabrics
100% cotton batting
finished size is about 46"x46" square-ish :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

First twin quilt!

Since I started quilting - just a mere few months and 1 quilt ago - I wanted to make two twin sized quilts to replace the ones that cover the two twin beds in one of our guest rooms. I've had the same store-bought, "bed in a bag" quilts on them since probably middle school and hated them for years....but never took the time to find something else. And now, I've realized that I can do it for myself and they can be loud and bright and fun and not match anything else and eclectic and just perfect. So I quilted!
Thanks Mom for being my quilt holder in the sunshine today. And you are welcome for the gratuitous shadow shot. Figures. 
Fabric is Miss Kate by Moda and Moda solids as well.  

Straight line quilting through the stripes them free motion quilting on the wide border. There are some places on the back where the backing fabric got gathered a little but for my first time making a quilt this size and first time using FMQ, I am pretty darn proud of this thing and prepared to overlook all the imperfections!

I also hand made the binding and sewed it on by hand. A labor of love for sure but I'm super pleased with the results. 

And finally, when I got into quilting thanks to Danielle, I remembered that lots of my grandmothers quilted. I called my mom and asked her if she had quilts that they made and she passed me FOUR! Two twin sized quilts and two king sized quilts including the double wedding ring pattern on top. The two on top were made by my Grandma Sanders (dad's mom) and the two on the bottom of this stack were made by my Great Grandmother Benson (Granny B - my mom's grandmother). I'm so thankful to have them. I'll probably display more than use them because they are OLD and weathered a bit but I am so happy to have them now!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#irwinbuns update - 2 weeks 3 days

Just a little photo update. They are really starting to look like rabbits. And they are hoppy and bouncy and crazy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

#irwinbuns update - 2 weeks old!

Yesterday the #irwinbuns turned 2 weeks old. This first picture is a perfect representation of what is going on right now. Lots of sleeping and lots of moving. Sometimes they even accidentally jump themselves out of the nesting box and need a rescue.
Top right of this picture - we have two that look like they will have a lot more grey on them. 

You can see in this picture that there are two little grey buns but mostly it is just a pile of white wiggly goodness. 

And this is a perfect example of snuggling a new-ish bunny. They get sort of panicky when you pick them up and then I guess they get exhausted and fall asleep in your hands - which is pretty darn cute. We've handled them some to just get them used to us but starting next week (once they are 3 weeks old) to get them really used to being held so that they will make good pets! And - please let the weather support this - they can move outside too! :)